822.50/82: Telegram

The Ambassador in Ecuador ( Long ) to the Secretary of State

542. President Arroyo yesterday mentioned the memorandum56 which accompanied the Department’s instruction no. 1161 of June 15th,57 expressing great appreciation for all that is being done by us to help his country.

However the President reminded me that summer has begun and water shortages have precipitated general public complaint. He is, therefore, hopeful to learn what practical steps will be taken now that the Del Valle reports mentioned in the Department’s telegram no. 403, June 12, 10 [4] p.m.57 are available. In short the President asks our views with respect to the next steps to be taken to the end that both Guayaquil and Quito may be informed regarding the procedure to be adopted looking to the rehabilitation of their water systems. It is assumed that dams [plans?] are sufficiently complete to enable contracting firms to make bids.

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