810.20 Defense/2444: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Ecuador (Long)

345. Your 288, April 13, 9 p.m.27 List of supplies and equipment submitted by Ecuadoran Embassy for procurement under Lend-Lease Act is now receiving the attentive consideration of the War Department which informs this Department that the following material has been made available to Ecuador:

  • 8 81 mm mortars mounted
  • 800 shells high explosive, light, for 81 mm mortars
  • 12 30 caliber Browning machine guns with mount tripods
  • 70,000 rounds ammunition for 30 caliber machine guns
  • 8,000 rounds tracer ammunition for 30 caliber machine guns
  • 12 45 caliber Thompson sub machine guns
  • 6,000 rounds ammunition for 45 caliber sub machine guns
  • 6 scout cars without armament
  • 26,000 canteens
  • 26,000 canteen covers
  • 26,000 canteen cups
  • 25,000 forks
  • 25,000 knives
  • 25,000 spoons
  • 45,000 haversacks
  • 24 sets of harness for artillery

The Department understands that a copy of the foregoing list has been given to the Ecuadoran Ambassador by the War Department.

As soon as the coast defense armament included in the Ecuadoran program becomes available, the War Department will give favorable consideration to a request for instructor personnel.

  1. Not printed; the President of Ecuador was reported to have expressed fear of an attack on the Galápagos Islands, and an intent not to enter into an agreement on the Galápagos until assurances were forthcoming as to the transfer to Ecuador of defense materials.