822.24/164: Telegram

The Minister in Ecuador (Long) to the Secretary of State

153. General Andrews sent Colonel Montesinos here February 19 to negotiate amendments to the Salinas agreement of January 24.19 Amendments were signed February 2020 and on the 21st or the 23d a similar agreement should have been signed covering Galápagos base.

About a month ago Colonel Montesinos was informed by the Minister of National Defense that Ecuador had been trying for over a year to get arms and equipment for the defense of its territory and no [Page 372] agreement regarding Galápagos would be signed until some [apparent omission] under Lend-Lease.21

This evening, after a friendly chat with the President, he observed that he did not know precisely what his Defense Minister had in mind but would let me know soon.

He added that under his administration Ecuador has maintained a good record for paying its obligations. He wished to continue and not sign a lease-lend contract containing terms that Ecuador could not meet. He requested that I cable that he wrote Ambassador Alfaro at length asking some adjustment that would fall within Ecuador’s capacity to pay, but in reply had been told how very busy Washington was.

The President said he was anxious to collaborate and hoped he would soon hear through Alfaro or me regarding a clarification of terms. Ecuador was very anxious to get the four planes recently discussed and as much additional material as we could supply but under the conditions outlined above.

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