811.34537/419: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Braden) to the Secretary of State

584. My telegram No. 573, July 16, 3 p.m.34 Cortina has shown me his draft reply to my note 394, July 11 (transmitted to the Department [Page 279] with despatch 408, July 1335) regarding proposed developments at San Julián. After relating the substance of my note the Minister’s communication goes on to accept our proposal subject to the following conditions.

Acceptance to be without prejudice to our pending general agreement for military and naval cooperation (despatch 312, July 235).
Reversion of facilities at the end of the agreement employing the same phraseology as the San Antonio de los Baños Agreement (article 1436).
Arrangement for one or two officers from each side to serve as liaison.

I indicated my satisfaction with these terms which appear to me to be entirely acceptable.

Cortina then said he was extremely desirous of concluding the proposed general agreement at the earliest possible moment and that it should be a document enabling us to send into Cuba “one hundred to one hundred thousand men” and should obviate the necessity for our repeated requests for permission to act in such matters thus enabling us to take immediate action whenever we feel it desirable. Should the Department have any suggestions on this agreement I hope they can immediately be transmitted.

Cortina has now apparently abandoned the idea of a tripartite agreement and states that the question of use of facilities by Mexico on a reciprocal basis can be worked out after our signature of the general agreement. I see no objection to this course.

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