811.34537/408: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba ( Braden ) to the Secretary of State

495. For Duggan. Some weeks ago Cortina suggested that it would facilitate Cuban-American military and naval cooperation if we negotiated an executive agreement which would cover in general terms all of the various kinds of cooperation which have been the basis of a series of specific requests for the use of Cuban facilities, et cetera, during the past 6 months. I have accordingly prepared a draft agreement which I left with the Minister of State this morning as a [basis] for further discussion. In form it follows the air port training project agreement and includes:

Blanket authorization for our service aircraft to fly over and land in Macao [sic] and take photographs. (This authorization has already been obtained by note.)28
General authorization for the establishment of United States service detachments at Cuban air ports and the utilization of their facilities. (We already have detachments at Camagüey and San Julián by special permissions.)
(Authorization to establish additional airports and to improve existing airports and their facilities.) Camagüey has been improved and San Julián is about to be improved under the so-called airport development program. Additional locations are under study.
Establishment of shore detachments irrespective of the necessary construction, communications facilities have been considered, et cetera. (Authorization is pending for the establishment of eight submarine detector stations at strategic points.)
Authorization for patrol aircraft and surface craft to call without restriction at coastal points and utilize bays, harbors, et cetera, [Page 274] without prior notification. (Informal authorization to utilize certain bays was obtained several months ago.)
Covers certain matters of shells, the naval station in Guantánamo including the establishment of mobile guns outside the present boundaries.

With respect to the authorizations requested under [paragraphs?] (c) and (d) prior consultation to determine scope of proposed activities is provided for.

Other articles relate to free entry; to procedure regarding consultation (between the Embassy and the Minister of State); for secrecy of the text; and for the transfer of fixed installations to the Cuban Government without cost at the termination of the agreement, i.e., 6 months after peace between the United States and the Axis.

The draft text29 will be sent by next courier.

  1. Dated January 14, p. 253.
  2. Not printed.