The Cuban Ambassador ( Concheso ) to the Acting Secretary of State


Excellency: I have the honor to advise Your Excellency that I have received instructions from my Government with respect to requesting of Your Excellency the expansion of the $7,500,000 credit which was granted in the Agreement signed between the United States and Cuba by another like amount of $7,500,000 which would make a total of $15,000,000 to be charged to the Lend-Lease Act of March 11, 1941.20

In our note of December 15 of last year,21 we explained the estimates for the construction work in which the Government of Cuba desires to invest the new $7,500,000 in the event that the expansion of the original loan is agreed to by Your Government.

In addition, I have the honor to enclose for Your Excellency a new Memorandum21 treating in a concise way, of the camps which it is necessary to build in Cuba for the war emergency, as well as of the possibility of acquiring coast artillery, composed of 8", 10", and 12" cannon, which has generously been offered by Your Government.

I wish to make it a matter of record that, with regard to the National Air Field which is described in the accompanying Memorandum, the President of my country is happy to consent that, as an objective proof of close cooperation in the present war, an Aviation School be constructed at the said field, if the Government of the United States so desires, for the American Air Forces to be used for training of citizens of this country, for the entire duration of the present conflict in which both of our countries find themselves involved, with the sole request that training opportunities in the said School be given to Cuban youth and members of the Armed Forces of Cuba.

The present Air Field of the Military City of Columbia, the reconstruction of which is requested, will remain as a Military Air Field for Cubans.

Please accept [etc.]

Aurelio F. Concheso
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