811.34537/372: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Cuba (Briggs)

181. Your 175, April 4, noon. The Navy Department feels that since the proposed base at San Julián constitutes one of several measures which are being taken pursuant to Cuban requests for additional naval assistance and since the staff conversations provide, inter alia, for close liaison between the Seventh Naval District at Key West and Cuban Naval Headquarters, it is preferable that, in the interests of promptness and decentralization of command, matters of this kind should be handled by the Naval Attaché in consultation with you, without reference to Washington unless, in your judgment, special factors render the latter course desirable.

The Navy Department agrees to instruct the Commander, Seventh Naval District, to give your Naval Attaché advance notice to meet the request in the second paragraph of your telegram.

The Department concurs in the foregoing but desires that you keep it promptly informed of all important developments.