The Liaison Officer ( Wilson ) to the Ambassador in Cuba ( Messersmith )

Dear George: During my last conversation with you, I gathered that you felt that it would be advisable to abandon the plan to send a joint Army, Navy and Marine Corps Mission to Cuba, provided a Cuban-United States defense commission were set up on which General Embick5 and Admiral Johnson6 would be the United States members. I should be grateful if you would be good enough to tell me whether my understanding is correct as a memorandum has just been received [Page 255] from the Navy Department containing a tentative plan for a Navy and Marine Corps Mission. If you believe that this should now be abandoned and the Navy Department so informed, will you please let me know.

I have been told that the War and Navy Departments have been giving consideration to your recommendation for the establishment of the joint Cuban-United States defense commission. In so far, however, as I have been able to ascertain, the President has not yet mentioned this matter to General Marshall.7 You intimated to me that the President intended to do this.

Walmsley8 and I would be glad to handle such aspects of these matters as you may suggest.

With best wishes to Marion and you,

Sincerely yours,

Orme Wilson
  1. Maj. Gen. Stanley D. Embick.
  2. Vice Adm. Alfred W. Johnson.
  3. Gen. George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army.
  4. Walter N. Walmsley, Jr., Assistant Chief, Division of the American Republics.