Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by Mr. James H. Wright of the Division of the American Republics

Mr. Wright called Señor Salazar88 to inquire if he had received any instructions from the Agricultural Mortgage Bank of Colombia which would enable him to continue the exploratory conversations which had been started some months ago looking to the settlement of the Government-guaranteed dollar bonded indebtedness of the Bank. Señor Salazar said that he had been in touch with the Bank and at its request had last week forwarded an exhaustive report to Bogotá explaining a number of points. Unless there was an unexpected delay in the air mail, he hoped to have a reply from the Bank sometime around January 5, but he could not, of course, guarantee [Page 205] this. Señor Salazar evidenced a complete willingness to resume the conversations (in so far as he was personally concerned) and stated that he had written Mr. Walmsley89 in the matter some eight days ago. He promised to let me know when he had anything concrete. …

  1. Fernando Salazar, representative of the Agricultural Mortgage Bank of Colombia, then in New York.
  2. Walter N. Walmsley, Jr., Assistant Chief of the Division of the American Republics.