811.20 Defense (M) Colombia/78: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia (Lane) to the Secretary of State

729. Department’s telegram number 632, May 30, 6 p.m. I shall hope to discuss the matter with the President or the Minister of National Economy during the next few days.

In an interview with the Foreign Minister this morning I mentioned the subject matter of the Department’s telegram in a general way. The Minister said that the general view of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is as follows:

For reasons of economic policy he approves in principle reaching an agreement with the United States Government regarding the purchase of Colombian rubber as the United States is the most stable market for rubber; also for political reasons Colombia desires to accede in every practicable way to our wishes in connection with winning of the war.
While fully appreciating our point of view regarding the establishment of a tire plant in Colombia, he considers that it would be [Page 182] “madness” for Colombian rubber to be manufactured into tires in the United States and then reshipped to Colombia for consumption here.

I transmit the foregoing merely to give the Department the point of view of the Foreign Office. The objection raised by López de Mesa in paragraph number 2 need not necessarily be considered as representing the final view of the Colombian Government.