821.20/189a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia (Braden)

196. From Duggan.3 The Department proposes to send the War Department the letter quoted hereafter. Do you have any suggestions for its improvement? If not, will you please obtain President Santos’ approval?

“With reference to the desire of the War Department, as conveyed in your letter of February 13,4 to station 3 single-engine observation planes and 9 officers and 3 enlisted men at Villavicencio, Colombia, Ambassador Braden has advised the Department that the President of Colombia is disposed to permit this Government to attach planes and personnel to the United States petroleum companies operating in Colombia for the conduct of air-surveillance activities in the Llanos area. This consent is given on the basis that the planes not carry military insignia or identification or armament and that the officers and men not wear uniforms. In order that the President of Colombia may be advised when the planes and their personnel enter Colombia, the War Department is requested to advise the Ambassador at Bogotá of the contemplated arrangements. This information may; be conveyed, if desired, directly to the Ambassador by the Commanding General, Caribbean Defense Command.”5

  1. Laurence Duggan, Adviser on Political Relations.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Lt. Gen. Frank M. Andrews.