The Chilean Minister for Foreign Affairs (Barros) to the American Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)85

E 11–6–22 No. 04364

Mr. Ambassador: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency’s Notes Nos. 1159 and 1181 of the 13 and 23 of the current month86 in which Your Excellency, under instructions from Your Government, and in connection with the various measures taken to establish a control over the importation of North American currency, advised the Ministry under my direction regarding new regulations issued by the Treasury Department. Your Excellency adds that the Government of the United States hopes that the Government of Chile will adopt without delay measures tending to facilitate a similar control and will proceed to ship to the United States the North American currency existing in Chile in order to protect the interests of Chilean citizens in legitimate possession of such currency.

This Ministry has taken due note of the Notes of Your Excellency and has communicated them opportunely to the competent authorities. [Page 129] As soon as a decision in this matter is reached, I shall be pleased to advise Your Excellency accordingly.

I take [etc.]

Ernesto Barros
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Ambassador in his despatch No. 3854, July 10; received July 20.
  2. Neither printed; Note No. 1159 indicated that persons entering the United States were limited in importing currency and that sums over $250 were to be held in blocked accounts and to be released only after consideration of a very detailed application. Note No. 1181 gave the details for making this application.