The Chilean Embassy to the Department of State 39


With reference to conversations taking place between this Embassy and the Department of State, concerning the shortage of gasoline in Chile, the Ambassador of Chile wishes to bring to the notice of His Excellency The Secretary of State, the following:

The Government of Chile is doing everything possible to reduce the consumption of gasoline. Studies made and present rationing experience shows clearly that a reduction of 33% in consumption would mean enormous disturbances and make it impossible to maintain the movement of domestic commerce. On the other hand, it is indispensable to maintain an emergency stock in tanks which are emptied now soon after the small shipments are received, which creates, besides, the grave problem of assuring means of national defense.
The Government of Chile wishes to be informed if the United States is disposed to guaranty over a period of one year shipping tonnage for gasoline on the basis of a reduction of 33% in consumption by private passenger automobiles and 25% by commercial vehicles. Should such a guaranty be obtained, efforts would be made to charter additional tonnage for the transportation of gasoline for military purposes.

  1. Received in the course of conversations between Mr. La Verne Baldwin of the Division of the American Republics and the Counselor of the Chilean Embassy (Campbell).