800.8820/534: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile ( Bowers ) to the Secretary of State

65. Grace Line representatives, Santiago, are advising Chilean shippers that their weekly service is temporarily interrupted and that they expect to offer space by a freight vessel from Valparaiso sometime towards the end of January, by a second freighter in the middle of February and by a passenger ship also a freighter around [Page 96] the end of February. The present period is the height of the season for shipments to New York of the Chilean fresh fruit. Other shippers of produce et cetera are normally served weekly by Grace Line from Valparaiso alternating with passenger and freight vessels. It is presumed that the usual service will be resumed after March 1 although this is not confirmed. The most important part of the fruit shipments are the grapes which only begin to move at the beginning of March when presumably schedules will be resumed.

It is understood that Chilean agricultural interests are urging the Minister of Foreign Affairs33 to make a protest to the Embassy which would appreciate receiving any comment on the matter the Department believes useful.

  1. Juan B. Rossetti.