811.20 Defense (M) Turkey/219: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Steinhardt) to the Secretary of State

1326. In connection with Jackson’s telegram to Merchant, (my 1211, November 28) and paragraph 6 of the Department’s 685, December 23, Jackson and I are agreed that the attitude of the British Embassy in Ankara throughout the chrome negotiations has accurately reflected the spirit of the instructions received by it from London. In effect the negotiations have been conducted by London down to the most minute detail. Jackson and I have seen a sufficient number of the instructions received by the Embassy from London to vouch for this. Thus for example the protracted delay in agreeing to a price of 270 shillings and the subsequent delay in giving official notification thereof, originated in London as the result of a desire to distinguish between old and new mined chrome.

By reason of the foregoing Jackson and I suggest that any observations the Department may contemplate making in London with respect to past or future negotiations concerning chrome be addressed to the source which controls them rather than to the British Embassy in Ankara which acts under specific instructions from London as to every detail.