811.20 Defense (M) Turkey/187: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey (Steinhardt)

673. Your 1240, December 6; 1271, December 12; and 1278, December 13. The Department and BEW89 are preparing instruction responsive to the cables cited in the foregoing, and you will receive this shortly. It finds itself uncertain on one point, that is, as regards the obligations assumed by the Turkish Government in regard to deliveries during 1943 and 1944 of chrome newly mined after January 8, 1943.

Are the conditions given in topic number 3 of the Turkish reply as reported in your 1240 to be read as corresponding to the report given in numbered paragraph 3 of your 1271 based on conversation with the Foreign Minister?

Department would appreciate immediate response including any further interpretation of the agreement on this point as the Embassy may be in a position to make.

  1. Board of Economic Warfare.