867.24/264: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Steinhardt) to the Secretary of State

293. Department’s 145, April 14. The British Ambassador and I are very pleased with new procedure advanced by Department in its telegram under reference. We feel that it will obviate any further cause for complaint by Turk authorities while at same time giving evidence to them of our desire to meet their requirements in most expeditious manner. We do not anticipate any difficulty in obtaining approval of Turkish authorities to new procedure which we believe will be welcome to them. We are further convinced that flow of supplies to Turkey will be more regular and delivery more satisfactory under this new procedure.

At meeting April 17 attended by British Ambassador and myself and appropriate members of our staffs, preliminary steps were taken to enlarge existing Coordinating Committee to include United States representatives. Notes are in process of preparation from British Ambassador and myself to Foreign Office outlining proposed new procedure.

The special bureau reported in my 269, April 1525 established in Foreign Office to centralize Turkish procurement machinery has already been set up and should be able to collaborate effectively and deal with proposed enlarged and Anglo-American Coordinating Committee.

I shall of course advise Department as soon as formal approval of Turkish authorities has been obtained.

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