867.24/226: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

1000. “For Harriman from Hopkins, Stettinius and Acheson.16 Your no. 713, February 14. The Turkish Government desires to submit its requisitions for Lend-Lease materials direct to the authorities of this Government. The Turkish Ambassador17 makes a serious point of this request and is supported by Ambassador Steinhardt. The matter has been discussed with the Acting Secretary of State who believes that the procedure outlined below is desirable in view of the Turkish position while maintaining the full substance of joint American-British decision and control.

It is fully recognized here that decision as to what materials shall actually go forward to Turkey must be based on strategic grounds; that the British have the main strategic responsibility in that area, and in most cases their view will be controlling. Nevertheless it is thought here important for this Government to accord the Turks the courtesy of receiving their requisitions direct.

In view of the foregoing, it has been decided to institute the following changes in existing procedure. The Turks to file their requisitions with the Lend-Lease Administration here and the Lend-Lease Administration to furnish copies to the British. The United States and British authorities, after consultation with the Turks, whenever necessary, will then decide jointly whether the requisition should be approved or disapproved.

Generally speaking articles will go to the Turks by way of retransfer from the British but occasionally they may go direct following full discussion. It is proposed that all Lend-Lease articles to be retransferred will be authorized for export to Turkey by the Turkish agent in New York as is now the case with cash reimbursable items.

Such a procedure would not preclude loss of control in case of urgent military necessity since all Turkish material will still be shipped either on British or U. S. boats. It will also make possible more accurate knowledge and record of the actual destination of material shipped for retransfer to Turkey. Our records show only a small amount of [Page 683] actual deliveries to Turkey although a much larger amount of deliveries to the British for retransfer.”

  1. Dean Acheson, Assistant Secretary of State.
  2. Mehmet Münir Ertegun.