Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs (Murray)2

The attached letter3 to Mr. Stettinius4 was suggested to us yesterday by Mr. Steinhardt,5 following his conference with the President regarding Lend-Lease aid to Turkey. Mr. Steinhardt informs us that the President desires some action on Turkish requests for Lend-Lease aid. Mr. Steinhardt has consulted with Mr. Stettinius on the subject, who believes that his position will be considerably strengthened if he can present to the Munitions Allocation Board a recent letter from the Secretary of State renewing the Department’s view that Turkey can be reasonably counted on to use the material granted in resisting Germany.

Although there is of course no basis for a categorical opinion regarding what Turkey will do, this Division has been strengthened of late in its opinion that Turkey will resist an Axis attack. The attached letter is consequently submitted for your consideration.

Wallace Murray
  1. Addressed to the Secretary of State and the Under Secretary of State.
  2. Infra.
  3. Edward R. Stettinius, Lend-Lease Administrator.
  4. Laurence A. Steinhardt, appointed Ambassador to Turkey; previously Ambassador in the Soviet Union.