890F.6363/44: Telegram

The Chargé in Saudi Arabia (Moose) to the Secretary of State

64. Latter part Department’s 35, August 31 [28], 10 p.m. British authorities in Cairo asked for comment on possible request to Saudi Government to permit installation of anti-aircraft batteries and maintenance of about 100 American troops at Dhahran to protect oil properties. After consultation with King’s advisers, probably meaning Yusuf Yassin,43 the British Minister is giving his opinion substantially as follows:

That the King will agree to installation of AA defenses and presence of American troops.
That King’s attitude will be that he is defending Saudi territory with American aid and although generous in admitting United States Army personnel he might stipulate that they should leave after they have properly trained a sufficient number of Saudi troops. The training period might take a long time.
That British Minister understood that there is a plan to train certain Casoc employees for defense duties and that the number of necessary military personnel would be reduced thereby.
That in training Saudi troops for AA defenses, it might be necessary to employ Egyptian-Arabic-speaking AA specialists as interpreters.
That this Legation should approach the King in the matter while British Minister would communicate British approval of plan.

British Minister and Yusuf Yassin are spending the current fast of Ramadhan in Taif and the foregoing was obtained from British Legation First Secretary. I know nothing of plan mentioned in paragraph 3 above and cannot readily confirm it due to absence of Casoc representative from Jidda. However, it does not affect the essence of the problem.

Repeated to Cairo.

  1. Representative of the Saudi Arabian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.