800.24/294a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Egypt (Kirk)

378. Department has now decided on formal representation on Middle East Supply Centre which will consist of one representative for military supplies and one representative for civilian supplies. Latter will be sent out from here, but until selected and appointed Department requests that you designate one member of your staff as the interim accredited representative. Department suggests Jacobs,15 but leaves final choice to you.

Legation in Tehran has been advised of decision and has been requested to participate formally in the local Central Supply Committee. Legations in other affected countries of Near East will be instructed similarly.

Please advise your choice of interim representative and when he will assume his new duties. Also communicate any pertinent information or raise any questions needing clarification in connection with formal participation. Suggest you and designated civilian representative confer with General Maxwell to coordinate American attitude. All matters of moment should be referred here for determination. More detailed instructions will follow.

  1. Joseph Earle Jacobs, Counselor of Legation in Egypt and Consul General at Cairo.