882.20/572: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Wharton) to the Secretary of State

172. Referring to Department’s 129, May 29, 9 p.m. I have conferred with President Barclay who states that he fully understands the desirability of having all Germans leave Liberia as suggested and, in addition to his Government’s invitation already given to Germans to leave country as reported in my 159, May 22, he will instruct Secretary Simpson intimate immediately to Von Waldheim, new Reich representative, that his departure from the country as soon as possible would be desirable.

In view of lack of commercial or other legitimate interests here after Germans’ departure and the fact that there is no treaty between Liberia and Reich obliging the reception here of German Consular officials, I do not believe that it will be difficult to arrange for Yon Waldheim’s early departure should he endeavor to remain longer.

Germans now closing down business in preparation for early departure. I am reliably informed that a Vichy plane is scheduled to make at least two flights to Monrovia to evacuate them by June 6.

In this connection, Secretary Simpson, at my suggestion, has promised to inform Emanuelli, Vichy Chargé, that the plane should avoid flying in vicinity of Marshall and Fisherman Lake.

It is reported that a Vichy plane flew over Monrovia last Saturday. Upon investigation I have been informed that this plane was intended to evacuate some Germans, but was not allowed to land since permission for plane had not been granted at that time.

There are several Jews and one Negro of German nationality here whose status is giving some concern to the President, but I do not anticipate any great trouble with them. I have told the President that I feel they should be evacuated also, but he refrained from committing himself. If they cannot be taken out of the country however I feel that their movements must be restricted. Has the Department any suggestions on this score? The President was unable to inform me definitely whether these German nationals have close relatives in Germany or occupied territory but stated that he would investigate.