Memorandum by the Adviser on Political Relations ( Murray ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Welles )

Mr. Welles: I think that we may assume from the attached telegrams from Tehran94 that our objective in Iran was accomplished and relations with Japan were severed without the necessity of delivering our rather stiff note of April 10.95

This is, I believe, all to the good, since the Iranian Minister is already pressing us to “reward” his Government for its behavior in this matter.

Upon the Minister’s return to Washington from New York, where he expects to spend about a week, I intend to follow the suggestion contained in the memorandum of your conversation with the Minister last Saturday,96 and to discuss with him the precise measures we contemplate taking with a view to assisting Iran in her present difficult situation.

I sensed from a brief conversation I had with the Minister, following his conference with you, that he expects large Lend-Lease benefits to start to flow at an early moment as a result of his Government’s acquiescence in our demand that relations with Japan be severed. I shall, of course, have to make it clear to the Minister that Lend-Lease status for Iran does not mean that the Iranian Government will necessarily be furnished with all it may ask for; that, on the other hand, we are already rendering great assistance to Iran by facilitating the purchase in this country of sorely needed commodities; that we are endeavoring to find for them a competent officer to [Page 334] reorganize the police and security forces of the country and two agricultural experts to assist in fighting pests and diseases which are attacking their crops; that we are exploring with the War Department the possibility of finding an able officer to act as Quartermaster General for the Iranian Army; and that, if they so desire, we shall be prepared to assist them in finding advisers for finance and food distribution. I shall also mention the trade agreement negotiations97 which are now in progress.

This certainly is no inconsiderable list of benefits that Iran will enjoy by taking an action which not only satisfies us but which removes a really great danger to herself.98

Wallace Murray
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