701.9491/16: Telegram

The Minister in Iran (Dreyfus) to the Secretary of State

8. The British Minister,78 acting under instructions from London, has suggested to Iranian Government the desirability of effecting withdrawal of the Japanese Legation in Tehran. He expresses belief that Iranian Government might more readily be persuaded to expel the Japanese were United States to take parallel action.

I should appreciate receiving instructions should the Department wish me to take the matter up with the Iranian Government on a purely informal and friendly basis. I should add that annex 2 to the treaty79 which will probably soon be signed requires the Iranian Government to break diplomatic relations only with “any state which is in diplomatic relations with neither of the Allied Powers.”

  1. Sir Reader W. Bullard.
  2. Anglo-Soviet-Iranian Treaty of Alliance, signed at Tehran, January 29, 1942, Department of State Bulletin, March 21, 1942, p. 249.