Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. C. Thayer White of the Division of Commercial Policy and Agreements

Participants: The Iranian Minister80
Mr. Allah Yar Saleh, Chief, Iranian Trade and Economic Commission
Dr. T. Nasr
Mr. Hawkins, TA
Mr. Fowler, TA
Mr. Durnan, NE
Mr. White, TA

Mr. Saleh said that he thought that there is no difference between the Iranian position and the draft general provisions given the Minister [Page 280] on April 10, 1941 by Mr. Hawkins. He indicated, therefore, that in his opinion public announcement now could be made.

Mr. Hawkins called attention to the fact that the chief purpose of a trade agreement would be to better economic relations between Iran and the United States after the present war. For example, the United States might request a concession on automobiles from Iran, although at present it is not in a position to supply them. In this connection, Mr. Hawkins referred to the clause in our general provisions which allows either Government to adopt or enforce measures imposed for the protection of the country’s essential interests in time of war or other national emergency. Mr. Hawkins pointed out that it would be in the interest of both countries to have a good agreement, and that a better agreement could be had if these facts were considered.

Mr. Hawkins said that we wished to suggest some changes in the draft referred to by Mr. Saleh and gave Mr. Saleh a new draft embodying these changes.81 Mr. Hawkins stated that, although he thought no essential changes had been made, the Iranians might feel that some of them involved matters of substance.

Mr. Saleh gave Mr. Hawkins a list of items81 which he wished us to consider in connection with the list for publication along with the public notice of intention to negotiate with Iran. He said that it was an inclusive list, and he realized that probably there were several items therein which we could not include in the published list because Iran has not been a major supplier, or for other reasons. Mr. Hawkins replied that his suggestions in this regard would be very helpful.

  1. Mohammed Schayesteh.
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