741.9111/43: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

851. Department’s 303, January 26; and Embassy’s 386, January 27. See also Department’s instruction 1010, January 2160 regarding Lend Lease pipe line.

I have received a Foreign Office note dated February 22 calling to my attention that the effect of the relevant clause in article IV of the treaty “is merely to postpone the discussion of the problem of transfers of buildings and other installations until after the treaty has entered into force”. It also refers to section 2 of annex III and states “This statement was included in the treaty at the Iranian Government’s request in order to enable them to reassure their Parliament on a point raised during the debates on the treaty”.

The third and final paragraph of the note reads as follows: “I am happy to assure you that, when the time comes for the negotiations provided for by article IV (2) of the treaty, the United States will be fully consulted on all points which may affect their interests. In particular, His Majesty’s Government would of course make no arrangements for the disposal of United States Lend Lease material without first securing the consent of the United States Government.”

The original is being forwarded by air.

  1. Not printed.