891.20/138a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Iran (Dreyfus)

164. Department’s 132, May 21. Iranian Legation informed Department June 16 that General Greely’s appointment in an advisory capacity, pending legislative action to permit closer collaboration, would be acceptable to Government of Iran. Accordingly, War Department telegraphed Greely June 17 authorizing him to perform such duties as would not be incompatible with his status as an officer in the American Army and directing him to report to you for instruction.

If you have not already done so, you should put General Greely in contact with the proper Iranian officials and instruct him to enter upon such duties as they may desire, within the limitation indicated above, in the capacity of adviser on quartermaster and army finance matters. For the present he may be considered as under your supervision in so far as his work may affect our political or economic relations with Iran or third countries, but the Department does not consider it necessary that you attempt to supervise or control details of his activities, which will be, we assume, almost exclusively of a technical nature.

General Greely should transmit to you any information which may be of value in the conduct of our relations with Iran or other countries. Reciprocally, you should advise him that you will keep him informed of all developments which may affect his mission.