The Iranian Minister ( Schayesteh ) to the Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs ( Alling )

No. 503

My Dear Mr. Alling: You will recall that several letters regarding the employment of a specialist for the organization of the Iranian Police Force have been exchanged between the State Department and this Legation, the last of which was Mr. Wallace Murray’s letter of February 27, 1942.13

I would appreciate it very much if you could give me the name of a candidate recommended by the Department in order that I might arrange for his definite engagement and immediate departure for Teheran.

May I add that the Police Force Organization in Iran is for the cities while the Gendarmerie is for the rural districts. Both organizations have the entire country under their supervision. Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf has been taken into consideration for the Gendarmerie, and it is now necessary to find someone to take charge of the organization of the Police Force in Iran.

Thanking you for your cooperation in this matter, I am

Very sincerely yours,

M. Schayesteh
  1. Not printed.