The Iranian Minister (Schayesteh) to the Secretary of State

No. 2787

The Minister of Iran presents his compliments to The Honorable The Secretary of State and has the honor to bring to his attention the following:

The Iranian Minister has been directed by his Government to engage in the United States a specialist to take charge of the organization of the Iranian police force. It is understood that he would have the responsibility of revising the entire police organization and of preparing the Iranians for the various duties connected with the Department throughout the country. As the position is, without doubt, very important in every respect, and the person chosen should have every appropriate qualification, capacity and knowledge, the Minister of Iran would appreciate it very much if The Honorable The Secretary of State would be kind enough to suggest a suitable man to the Minister in order that he may present his name to his Government.87

  1. In reply on January 28 the Department informed the Iranian Minister that inquiries were being made to ascertain whether a specialist of the type referred to might be available.