891.00/1927: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Egypt ( Kirk )

1304. For Winant. Department’s 1272, October 19,57 and your 1872, October 24. Department and Foreign Office London are now considering suggested Anglo-American-Iranian announcement whereby British and American Governments would undertake, under certain conditions, to make good any deficit in Iranian cereal supplies which may be determined by Food Adviser Sheridan. Foreign Office and Department approve announcement in principle but are studying possible modifications of draft prepared at Tehran.

British understood to object to Iranian request for clause binding Allies to provide immediately 25,000 tons wheat as reserve at Tehran in order to restore public confidence in ability of Iranian Government to maintain food supply. You may wish to consult MESC on this point and may say Department favors Iranian request, which is supported by our Minister Tehran. Dreyfus indicates food situation will become acute during winter and feels steps should be taken now to meet anticipated situation. Soviets are asking Iranians for 5,000 tons wheat, 15,000 tons barley and 30,000 tons rice. If made, these purchases will aggravate situation and increase responsibility of Allies for ensuring Iranian supplies.

Please repeat your 1872 to Tehran. Solutions so far reported by Tehran have not mentioned proposal to form Anglo-American-Russian-Iranian food board but have placed responsibility for determining need and for organizing distribution on Iranian Food Minister, Food Adviser Sheridan, Transport Committee, and American and British Ministers.

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