883.24/57: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Egypt (Kirk)

575. Your 779, May 16, 9 a.m. Department appreciates General Maxwell’s suggestion. You and he will be glad to know that before receipt of your message Fred Winant had been selected as civilian representative. He will probably leave around July 1 accompanied by an administrative assistant with Lend-Lease accounting training. Both will be appointed in the Foreign Service Auxiliary.

It is planned to designate Winant “United States Civilian Representative on the MESC” and to attach him to the Missions at Cairo, Baghdad, Tehran and Jiddah so that he may have the benefit of the advice of the respective Chiefs of Mission. Department would appreciate your comment on this as well as your reply to the following:

What additional staff if any do you think it would be desirable for Winant to have?
Could the Legation provide him with a competent secretary or should one accompany him?
Could Jacobs or Jones assist Winant to some extent, particularly during latter’s absence from Cairo?
British Food Ministry has suggested that he be accompanied by an agricultural expert to advise on new crop plantings. Do you consider this advisable?


[For public statement regarding purpose and membership of Middle East Supply Center, see Department of State Bulletin, January 16, 1943, page 76.]