124.84/159: Telegram

The Chargé in Egypt (Jacobs) to the Secretary of State

760. Ato Tesfaye Tegagn, personal representative of Haile Selassie, now in Cairo British representatives from Ethiopia attending meetings of Middle East Supply Council, called today to ask Legation to transmit to the President a letter of good will from the Emperor.12 This communication, which contains no request but emphasizes Ethiopian independence will be forwarded in next pouch.

In presenting this letter Tesfaye stated Emperor had instructed him to inquire whether United States might be considering reestablishment [Page 104] of diplomatic relations with Ethiopia which Emperor would heartily welcome. I told Tesfaye Legation had no information on this subject. I did not tell him I would refer his inquiry to Department but if Department has any plans in regard to this matter which it might desire to have communicated to Emperor through Tesfaye, he will be in Cairo until about May 17 or 18.

  1. Dated May 1, p. 112.