811.917 Time/56

Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs ( Murray ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Welles )

Mr. Welles: The Egyptian Minister telephoned me yesterday to inform me of the “protest” which he said he had made to you as a result of an article in Time magazine, entitled “Farouk the Foolish”.

The Minister held forth at some length over what he regarded as an insult to his Sovereign, and stated that during his discussion of the matter with you he had referred to the public apology made by [Page 98] the President when the same magazine had insulted the President of Chile. He added that you had thereupon expressed your deep regrets over the incident involving King Farouk.

The Minister then revealed the real purpose of his call; namely, to obtain some public expression of the regrets which he said you expressed to him during the course of your conversation.

I would appreciate an indication from you as to whether you wish the matter pursued further or whether you desire to let it drop.48 In such cases, the representative of an oriental government is under pressure to obtain publicity calculated to offset the publicity complained of, consequently I presume that Hassan Bey will keep after me in this matter until I am in a position to give him some reply.

Wallace Murray
  1. Attached is a memorandum by Mr. Welles dated February 17: “I am sorry not to be able to oblige the Egyptian Minister, but in the interest of Egypt itself I think it wise to let this matter drop and give no more publicity.”