740.0011 European War 1939/19857a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Sweden ( Johnson )

108. It would appear from your recent telegrams that Sweden may maneuver its military, economic, and political forces in near future [Page 332] based on supposition (1) Germany will attack Sweden as a separate campaign, or that (2) United Nations will open campaign in Northern Europe which will result in bringing German pressure on Sweden to a head.

With these possibilities in mind we desire you assign a qualified officer, possibly Greene because of his military and related experience, to begin assimilating all available data with which to prepare in due course an exhaustive report under your direction setting forth:

Details and significance of each measure taken by the Swedes to meet possible developments;
German countermoves;
considered conclusions on basis of various moves under (1) and (2) above as to whether inter alia (a) Sweden would have made a whole-hearted military resistance if Germans had attacked, (b) the probable effectiveness of such resistance, (c) weaknesses in the Swedish measures, political, military and economic, (d) apparent Swedish calculations of military moves by other adjacent countries involved, (e) assuming United Nations assistance were available, your detailed recommendations as to its nature.

It is to be emphasized that we want an overall report. The advice and collaboration of your service attachés on the report should, of course, prove most valuable.

The report should be submitted by mail but any incidental factors discovered requiring prompt consideration and a summary of the report should be cabled. Important spot news should naturally continue to be reported immediately as at present.