The Greek Ambassador 94 (Diamantopoulos) to the Acting Secretary of State

No. 2635

Mr. Secretary: Referring to your Excellency’s letter dated July 13, and to the memorandum attached thereto concerning the formation of separate battalions of Greeks to be assigned to the various divisions of the American Army, I beg to enclose herewith an outline of the conclusions reached by Colonel F. W. Evans, General Staff, Chief, Mobilization–Organization Branch, and by Colonel Demetrios Xenos of the Greek Army, and to make a formal application for final decision from the War Department, these conclusions having been agreed to by the Greek Government.

Accept [etc.]

C. Diamantopoulos
[Page 821]

Memorandum by the Greek Embassy

The drafting of Greek Citizens in the United States will take place on the same basis as drafting of Americans. Voluntary enlistment is preferred.
At the beginning one Infantry Battalion will be formed.
The United States uniform, with a special badge or insignia indicating the Greek character of the unit, will be worn.
Officers of the Unit. Officers of the United States Army who are of Greek origin and are already serving in the United States Army or are to be chosen from the unit being formed. A number of officers of the Greek Army may be accepted on condition of their incorporation with the United States Army officers.
If a second or a third battalion has to be formed, all three battalions will form an infantry regiment.
If a further number of recruits are available the formation of an artillery unit is not excluded.
The nucleus of the first battalion will be composed of Greek-American citizens who speak Greek.
In case the number of the Greek recruits is not sufficient for the formation of the first battalion, it will be filled up by American citizens speaking Greek who expressed the desire to serve in the Greek unit.
The entire expense for matériel and maintenance of the above formations to be borne by the American Government.
Men enlisted in these battalions will have all the rights enjoyed by those serving in other American units.
  1. The Greek Legation was raised to the status of an Embassy on October 6, 1942.