851U.7962/9: Telegram

The Consul at Brazzaville (Taylor) to the Secretary of State

67. Department’s 76,26 my 62.27 Colonel Hyde and American officers in conference with Secretary General Laurentie today agreed in principle to

Establishment of telephonic communication between airfield Pointe Noire and airfield Leopoldville.
Construction secondary runway at Pointe Noire.
Increased personnel for meteorological stations to be supplied by us.
French to furnish 300 native laborers at expense of United States Army.
Priority for debarkation American personnel and baggage and preference for unloading American war supplies at Pointe Noire.
Permission to establish radio communication system and use of French system augmented by American personnel while waiting construction.
Storage stevedoring railroad and dock expenses to be put on books for settlement later under Lend-Lease Agreement.
Effective control of Portuguese planes, crews and passengers on service between Pointe Noire and Luanda.

No agreement of American demand to control mechanics of landing planes at Pointe Noire with American personnel.

Matters to be discussed further next week and formal memorandum drawn up for Washington and London.

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