851U.7962/6: Telegram

The Consul at Brazzaville (Taylor) to the Secretary of State

57. Department’s 66. Local officials consider matter settled based on instructions received from National Committee, London, as follows:

Americans may at own expense construct whatever installations are necessary; to war effort at Pointe Noire on land selected by local authorities without payment of rent.
No duty will be collected on construction materials or supplies for camp if used or reexported after war. Conditions same as for American troops in France last war.
Control of their installations will be with Americans for duration and 6 months after.

Local interpretation of 1, buildings and maintenance of runway and French buildings, mainroads, temporary rail spurs, temporary gasoline storage place to be charged to colony. Building and maintenance of taxi strips and disposal area camps roads and buildings, oil tanks, and pipe line to be paid by United States of America. Since abolishment High Commission no local authority qualified to treat with United States of America. Modifications of above must be referred to London.

Things not provided for: 1. Method of payment to French for work done on American projects. 2. Disposition of equipment including oil tanks and pipe lines after war.

Despatch follows.