711.819 Establishment/14: Telegram

The Chargé at Tangier (Schott) to the Secretary of State

492. An official of French Consulate General showed me copy of note dated September 14 signed Laval which he said was reply to note of German Embassy at Paris dated this June 1st regarding restriction circulation American officials between Tangier and French Zone and control of communications. In punctilious but firm phrasing note emphasizes French Zone remains under state of siege and France itself has instituted strict control circulation persons and censorship communications but since United States recognizes only treaty with Shereefian State its nationals enjoy thereby free access to Empire which right remains the more incontestable as Tangier diplomatic mission accredited to Sultan is maintained. Final statement that recognizing obligations restricting French action American visits nevertheless will be limited strictest possible to avoid “all harmful indiscretions.”

Repeated to Vichy and Casablanca.