740.00112 European War 1939/6743

Memorandum by Mr. James C. H. Bonbright of the Division of European Affairs

On instructions from Mr. Atherton, following his conversation with Mr. Berle, I spoke to Mr. Barclay49 concerning his repeated requests for an expression of our attitude on the desire of the BBC to make a statement regarding the resumption of the North African Accord Voyages. I told Mr. Barclay that this matter has been given very careful consideration and that while there might not appear to be very great advantages or disadvantages to a BBC statement, Mr. Robert Murphy feared that there might be some bad effect. In the circumstances it seemed important to know exactly what the BBC would say and it would probably be desirable to have the statement brought to the attention of the J.I.C.50

Mr. Barclay thought that this was a good suggestion and said that he would take it up at once with Mr. Noel Hall.

  1. R. E. Barclay of the British Embassy.
  2. Joint Intelligence Committee.