740.00112 European War 1939/5874: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Algiers (Cole)

207. Your 402, June 21, 10 a.m. For Murphy.

Consideration is still being given to Admiral Fénard’s proposal regarding fuel for coastwise shipping, which however would appear to conflict with the suggestion in your 419, June 26, 3 p.m. that the economic accord vessels be authorized to proceed to Algiers after calling at Casablanca.
The question of markings on products imported from the United States has been settled in accordance with your observations.
The reference to binding twine is explained by the British-sponsored negotiations between Portugal and French North Africa, under which the Department agreed to permit this commodity to proceed immediately from Portugal rather than to await inclusion [Page 330] in our own resumed shipments. Full details of the Portuguese deal have been sent to you by air mail.
One of the vessels now preparing to sail is expected to carry several thousand steel drums of kerosene. It is distinctly understood that these drums are to be returned to the United States on a return voyage from Casablanca and the control officers are asked to assume responsibility for their collection and loading. The exact number of drums involved will be telegraphed later.
At the request of the Board of Economic Warfare the control officers at Casablanca should check the loading of cork and other products and submit a complete list of the cargoes by telegraph.