740.0011 European War 1939/17502: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner in the Philippines ( Sayre ) to the Secretary of State

628. Personal for [President] Roosevelt. Am gravely concerned over rumors circulating here. Filipinos risking lives and country on faith of America’s word she will protect them. Under MacArthur’s2 [Page 883] leadership they making magnificent defense effort. America cannot afford to let them down. Whispers here United States withholding further aid and does not intend to try break Jap blockade. Existing forces woefully inadequate. Assume whispers untrue but if they become convincing there’s critical danger of collapse entire structure and ensuing disaster. To avert this may I suggest, first, that you forthwith order available resources be sent succor Philippines; second, you publicly announce this fact, giving lie to rumors and preserving morale here. Immediate action necessary.

  1. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Commanding General, United States Army Forces in, the Far East.