701.6211/1475: Telegram

The Chargé in Switzerland (Huddle) to the Secretary of State

482. Department’s 338.12 Swiss Foreign Office has communicated Department’s proposal in full as contained in its telegram to Swiss representatives for delivery to belligerent Governments as requested.

However, Minister de Pury in charge of Department of Foreign Interests of Federal Political Department has orally advised Legation of Swiss Government’s position with respect to certain elements of proposal as follows:

“Paragraph 11 of the proposal states that Swiss Government shall be requested to act as the guarantor to both parties of the observance of the arrangements. Swiss Government cannot undertake that responsibility. It agrees however to communicate the receipt of safe conduct as proposed in the paragraph. Paragraph 12 proposes that Swiss Government shall determine the shares to be paid by the interested governments of the expense of operation of exchange vessel. Swiss Government is agreeable in principle. Paragraph 13 proposes the presence of Red Cross personnel and of a representative of Swiss Government on board vessel and restriction use of radio facilities during the voyage to Swiss representative. Swiss Government agrees to travel of the Red Cross personnel on condition that Red Cross has no objection thereto. It agrees that Swiss Government representative shall be on board; however it feels that during voyage, with consent of Swiss Government representative, the other passengers in case of emergency should be permitted use of radio to send telegrams in clear and controlled by Swiss Government representative.”

  1. Telegram of December 19, p. 289.