125.0040/86: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland (Huddle)

427. American interests. Your undated 449, received December 27.11

This Government would be grateful if Swiss Government would obtain such lists wherever American official personnel is awaiting repatriation, including the Far East.
Lists should include diplomatic and consular officers; any other Government officers (specifying title of each); Government clerks and custodial personnel of American nationality; and American unofficial nationals of the following categories only: (A) such properly accredited representatives of the American Red Cross Society and their staffs as may wish to avail themselves of the facilities to be provided by the exchange agreements and (B) properly accredited newspaper correspondents (including radio reporters and press photographers) and their staffs.
After the name of each person, list such persons of the following categories in his or her household as will be included in the exchange:
Members of the family, stating the name and relationship of each and the age of each minor; and
If they are American nationals: Members of the household staff, stating the name and position of each.
The Department wishes also to receive for its consideration the names of such persons of the following categories as might wish to be included in the exchange, each name to be followed by the list specified above in numbered paragraph 3:
Persons mentioned in numbered paragraphs 2 and 3 who, when hostilities commenced, were visiting in or traveling through the territories in question.
Nationals of friendly countries who were employed in connection with the representation by the United States of foreign interests.
Persons not otherwise covered by this instruction but considered by American officers to be entitled to inclusion in the official group. In all such cases, reasons should be stated fully and nationality indicated.
Lists from the Far East should include the United States Court for China, Legation Guard, Marine detachments, and any other employees of the United States Government.
Please also request that the Swiss Government be so good as to prepare and transmit through you to this Government analogous lists of all Latin American official groups to be included in the exchange.
  1. Not printed; it reported that the Legation had requested the Foreign Office to endeavor to obtain names of all American official personnel to be evacuated from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Rumania, and Bulgaria.