Mr. Lauchlin Currie to President Roosevelt 46

Re: Trip to China.

I find myself in a somewhat embarrassing position. I wired Madame Chiang that you did not feel able to spare Harry Hopkins and suggested my going. She replied, “Eagerly await your arrival for many problems can only be discussed through personal conference. Please wire date of departure”.

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When, however, I called Dr. Soong today he said that nothing could be served by my going, that the situation was hopeless and beyond mere talking, and that he would see you next week. I was a bit taken aback as only a week ago he voluntarily suggested my going to China, to which I gave a non-committal answer.

I am sorry that I seem to have got things tangled up a bit. I am afraid, however, that that is typical of all our relations with the Chinese!48

[File copy not signed]
  1. Photostatic copy obtained from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N. Y.
  2. Mr. Currie transmitted a copy of a telegram dated June 27 from Madame Chiang Kai-shek as follows: “Generalissimo wiring T. V. [Soong]. Welcoming you. Come immediately.”