811.42793/671: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

1028. 1. Your reports on the Chinese-American Institute of Cultural Relations seem to indicate that the institute is firmly established and is engaged in activities well calculated to promote cultural relations between the United States and China. On July 23, 1942 the President made funds available for “contributions to Chinese cultural institutes” and the Department is prepared to contribute to the Chinese-American Institute in support of its activities during the remainder of the present fiscal year not to exceed $18,000.

2. While the institute will be free to expend this money during this fiscal year in any way it deems most useful in promoting such cultural relations the Department desires to suggest for the institute’s consideration the possible advisability of using the money in part for establishing branches in other cities, purchasing locally physical equipment including motion picture projectors if obtainable, engaging competent secretaries and for such activities as collecting biographical data concerning Chinese returned students from the United States. After investigation by the institute please report whether used sound or silent projectors can be obtained in China possibly from some other branch of the Chinese Government. The Department might be able to send spare parts by plane.

3. A statement later on of the purposes for which these funds have been used and of the results achieved would be of interest to the Department in considering the advisability of continuing the contribution after the present year. The Department will welcome your suggestions for the supply to the institute of equipment that may not be obtainable in China such as motion picture projectors, educational films, books, magazines, microfilms and projectors and phonographs and records. Shipment of such articles would of course depend upon the availability of transportation facilities.

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4. The Embassy is hereby authorized to transfer this contribution to the Institute in amounts and at times suggested by the Institute up to a total of $18,000. No vouchers are required other than receipts from the Institute on Form 1034 designating the amount as a contribution from the American Government toward carrying out a program of Chinese-American cultural relations. In drawing on the Department for this purpose charge to appropriation 19–112/30006.009 Emergency Fund for the President, National Defense (Allotment to State) 1942 and 1943.