125.0093/553: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

1063. Your 837, September 15, 11 p.m. I recommend that we move slowly in matter of opening new consular offices in China; two would seem to be quite adequate for time being, one at Kweilin to cover unoccupied areas in the east and southeast, and one at Sian or Lanchow to cover northwest, while Kunming would continue to serve the southwest and west. While Americans at Chengtu have wanted a consular office there for their convenience for limited passport and notarial services, I cannot see the desirability of an office there at this time. I am awaiting the return to Chungking of Secretary Service,2 now in the northwest, before making a recommendation as between Sian and Lanchow. As to the proposed increase in grade of Kunming office I suggest that this be held in abeyance until plans for new consulates are settled unless, of course, Department has a suitable Consul General awaiting immediate assignment. I have no objection to proposal.

  1. John Stewart Service, Third Secretary of Embassy in China.