Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Hamilton)

Reference Chungking’s 835, July 13, 11 a.m. and attached file in regard to questions relating to Tibet.

It would appear from Chungking’s reference telegram that the Tibetan authorities have agreed to the transit of non-military supplies for China through Tibet, and that a strict interpretation will not be made of the term “non-military”. It is believed that this information [Page 628] should be brought informally and orally to the attention of the British Embassy through Mr. Hayter of that Embassy by the Division of Far Eastern Affairs.

It is further believed that we might orally and in strict confidence communicate to Mr. Hayter the information contained in and the views of the Chinese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs expressed in the last paragraph of the reference telegram. We might at the same time mention that suzerainty over Tibet has long been claimed by the Chinese Government, and that Tibet is listed in the Chinese constitution among areas constituting the territory of the Republic of China, adding that this Government has at no time raised question concerning either of these claims.6

M[axwell] M. H[amilton]
  1. Marginal note by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Smyth): “Mr. Hayter called at the Department on July 21, 1942, and was informed along the lines of the above memorandum.”