893.24/1389: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

845. I learn from a reliable source that Central Broadcasting Administration has sent a long telegram to T. V. Soong requesting assistance in obtaining 15 million United States dollars worth of radio equipment under Lend-Lease. Message is stated to have been sent by Chen Kuo Fu, head of Administration, and to have had the approval of Wang Shih Chieh, Minister of Information of Kuomintang. Chen Kuo Fu is one of leaders of so-called “CC”27 clique, the reactionary wing of the party.

I am told the administration now has adequate equipment in use and in reserve and the request being made is designed to provide equipment for political use after war, advantage being taken of Lend-Lease to obtain additional equipment at this time without cost.

I recommend that if this request is put forward by Soong it should be referred to Chungking for checkup before action thereon is taken. A survey of actual needs could be made by Lusey or Brown, radio engineers sent out by COI28 Lusey at present in East China and Brown has not yet arrived but both of them are expected later to be in Chungking.

  1. Chen brothers, Chen Li-fu and Chen Kuo-fu.
  2. Coordinator of Information.