893.24/1382: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

609. “For J. Franklin Ray from McCabe.26 We are glad to hear of your safe arrival in Chungking.

In view of the critical shipping situation from India to China, the large amount of material in storage in India and the increasing stockpile in the United States, it has been necessary to reassign all standard and critical material and equipment originally earmarked for China for immediate use by our own and other allied forces. This has been carried out for all Lend-Lease material. Tires and tubes for existing vehicles in China and 2,366 tons of oils and lubricants are to be held in storage for shipping at the earliest possible moment. Arsenal material, except copper which has been reassigned to the War Department for the fabrication of 7.92 mm and other ammunition, is to be held in storage until either there is a critical need for it by our own forces or routes are opened for shipment to China. Cotton goods and blankets are likewise to be held in storage for China. All tractors procured for China have been released to the War Department for reassignment.

War Department procured items have been reassigned elsewhere by the War Department and a 3,500 tons a month program for China has been substituted. Third and fourth quarter allocation of raw materials for China have been made with the understanding they will not [Page 583]be claimed unless shipment into China can be made. Such items as tire retreading plants and oil reclaiming plants are the only orders being expedited through Treasury Procurement.

Cash purchases for China have been limited to items of direct military importance. All orders already placed are to take their normal course through production without an increase of ratings, until such time as routes are open or Air freight facilities are increased.”

  1. Thomas B. McCabe, Deputy Lend-Lease Administrator.