The Secretary of State to Mr. J. Franklin Ray, Jr., of the Lend-Lease Administration

My Dear Mr. Ray: The Deputy Lend-Lease Administrator has advised the Department of State that he has instructed you to proceed to Chungking, China, via New Delhi, India, on business for the Lend-Lease Administration. I take pleasure in advising that you have been attached to the American Embassy at Chungking for the duration of your mission as Special Assistant to the American Ambassador.

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You will carry out your mission under your instructions from the Lend-Lease Administration. However, you will be expected to cooperate closely with the American Embassy at Chungking and with the American Mission at New Delhi, and your work in these countries will be under the general supervision of the Embassy and of the Mission, respectively. The mail and telegraph facilities of these offices will be placed at your disposal and all communications between you and the Lend-Lease Administration in Washington will be sent through these channels.

[Here follow instructions regarding pay, travel, etc.]

Sincerely yours,

For the Secretary of State:
G. Howland Shaw

Assistant Secretary